Thanks for taking the time to learn more about The Original Selfie Station.  Our Mission is to create an incredibly

interactive and electric experience that draws people in and keeps them coming back for more! Our enclosures

preserve the discreet “undercover” setting you enjoy when posing for the camera and come loaded with all the

essentials needed to upgrade your selfies! 

We don’t skimp on our assortment of props and our backdrops are customized to seamlessly compliment any

theme or occasion.  all of this paired with the power

of technology is the edge that will take your experience with us over the top!



Custom Backdrops

Creating a foundation for visually interesting images is our specialty.  Why settle for a boring one-dimensional backdrop when you can add unique multi-dimensional layers that add visual interest and depth to your images!  Whatever the occasion, we will customize your selfie station to compliment any theme or occasion. 


Touch & Pose

Our unique concept enables you to enjoy taking selfies in two ways!  Just touch the screen to start the countdown or mount your smart phone to our monopods (selfie sticks) and at the press of a button, capture continuous selfies with varying angles and landscape orientations! 


Instant Uploads

Pictures taken with our touch screen iPad can be instantly viewed, swiped through, and favorites uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, or email.  Images captured on user’s personal smart device can also be uploaded to Instagram, pinned on Pinterest or messaged via text or SMS for additional social sharing.  


Awesome Add-ons & Unique Enhancements

Kick it up a notch with our unique enhancements and amazing add-on features. Let us roll out the red carpet and velvet ropes, or convert your Selfie Station into a Mobile Glam Box Studio, complete with a professional onsite photographer and makeup artist.  Imagine all the possibilities! 


Signature Prints

One of the most essential aspects of The Original Selfie Station experience is the high quality prints.  In addition to loads of electronic images, the printed photo mementos are the takeaways your guests will keep to remember the amazing time they had with you! 

Set the mood of your photos by choosing a cool color filter.  Pre-set your desired color before the event or you can leave it up to your guests to pick their preference each time they step into the Selfie Station. One color filter is no better than the other. So whether it’s the elegant feel of black and white, the timelessness of sepia or the full blown vibrancy of color that suits you, every print will look amazing.

Add a custom logo and bring some character to your prints with our selection of different print layouts. Keep it traditional and choose a classic photo strip or try something new with a 4x6 photo grid or single image layout. 


Small Business & Corporate Branding

The Original Selfie Station can be customized in many ways to be an extension of your brand and marketing efforts.  Work with our designer to create a custom backdrop with your logo or branding messages and let the pictures do the talking!  The Original Selfie Station’s software interface is fully customizable and includes the ability to add custom overlays and logos to prints and custom hashtags and captions to social media posts.